Deficiency Judgments in Florida - Part 2

The number of calls I receive about deficiency judgments continues to rise. It has been an eye opening experience to see how the foreclosure epidemic has evolved and how clients have responded. First, it started with client’s wanting information about the defenses to a foreclosure action. Then, it became about short sales. Now, everyone is focused on deficiency judgments. Since I received so many inquiries about them, I wrote two blog posts about deficiency judgments (click here for the second post) on a sister blog which provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about these types of judgments.

If after reading that blog posts, you still have any questions about Florida deficiency judgments, please either post a comment to this blog, contact me, a Florida Real Estate Attorney, by email, or call me at (954) 458-8655 and I will be happy to answer your questions. I offer a free initial consultation.

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