Deficiency Judgment Articles

I have received so many calls about deficiency judgments due in part to the articles I have written on the subject on our sister blog, About Florida law. Those articles collectively discuss most aspects of Florida deficiency judgments that I face in my practice, including:

If you have any question about deficiency judgments, please post a comment to either of our blogs. Otherwise, you may contact me, a Florida Real Estate Lawyer, by email or telephone at (954) 458-8655. I offer a free initial consultation.

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  1. I just went thru a short sale in Plantation, the 1st mortgage Wells Fargo, forgave the difference and issued a 1099...the 2nd Wachovia has not forgiven the there a way to prevent them from getting a deficiency judgement? They just wiped out my checking account that I had with them ( in hindsight I should have taken it to another bank)