Foreclosure Defense and Budget Friendly Fee Arrangements

We are trying to do our part to share an important message with the public regarding foreclosures: In many instances mortgage foreclosure plaintiffs are unable to legally prove ownership of the mortgage they are suing on. This issue is giving rise to a foreclosure defense that the Plaintiff in the foreclosure lawsuit lacks the authority to enforce the mortgage. The result is that homeowners are living in their homes without paying their mortgage until the Courts determine if these mortgages are enforceable. We have been dealing with this issue a lot in our office. However, most people we speak with are concerned that they cannot pay an attorney since they are already facing difficult financial circumstances. In response to our client concerns, we have designed a fee structure that is designed to fit within most budgets. So, don't let the fear of attorney fees stand in the way of learning your legal rights. A qualified foreclosure attorney can help.

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