Closing Costs in Broward County Florida – How much are They? - See Your Good Faith Estimate

Often in my Florida real estate practice, clients ask about the cost(s) to close their real estate transaction. What I normally tell my clients to do, is to obtain a good faith estimate from the bank or mortgage company. That document, which banks are required by federal law to provide, will outline the bank charges, escrows, and items related to the closing agent, which is the service I provide, and all other items payable by the buyer/borrower at the real estate closing.

There is one variable that may affect some of the charges related to the closing, and that is the real estate contract itself. Most Florida real estate contracts, will state which party is required to pay certain expenses related to the closing, including cost for the title search and the title insurance premium. Therefore, it is important to be careful in signing a real estate contract by checking to see that the correct party is paying certain charges to avoid any surprises at closing. Your attorney/closing agent should advise you of this issue, as well as others, which is one advantage of having an real estate attorney involved in the transaction.

See this article on which contains an estimate of closing costs in Broward County.

When my office closes a Florida real estate transaction, typically, I do not charge an attorney fee, unless a legal issue arises and the buyer requires my assistance. Contrary to what most people think, it does not cost the buyer/borrower any more money for me to close the transaction than it would if a title company were used for those services. The advantage of using a real estate attorney, is that the attorney is already involved with the matter and is on standby to provide legal services, if needed.

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