Florida Foreclosures - Foreclosure Documents May Entitle Homeowners to Compensation

The foreclosure mess keeps growing. By now, most people are beginning to hear how banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and GMAC, are suspending foreclosures because of defects in paperwork filed with the Courts. Affidavits were filed in the foreclosure cases where the party signing the document stated that they had personal knowledge of the information contained in the document. Of course, it turns out, that probably wasn't true. Foreclosure defense lawyers are asserting that the filing of those documents is a fraud on the Court. The result is that homeowner's that lost their homes to the bank in foreclosures may be entitled to compensation. Additionally, this problems is impacting the title insurance industry. Title agents are being told to not issue title insurance on property owned and being sold by a bank. I have read several articles on the topic which you can read below.

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