Broward County Closing Costs - Who Pays? Maybe Not You.

View of Fort Lauderdale Condos
With the Florida real estate market being tight and getting tighter across the country, looks like banks may be thinking about new ways to get deals done - like paying for closing costs in home loans.

Whether or not the lender offers to pay closing costs and then just ups the mortgage interest rate, well that's another matter.  And just one more reason to have a Florida closing attorney by your side at the closing table (and before, when all the bickering about what goes into the closing documents gets ironed out).

My point:  maybe the bank will pay your closing costs if you're buying a home or condo in Florida, particularly here in Broward County.  It's worth negotiating. 

For more details, read my post here at AboutFloridaLaw (and the links provided).

And to do a quick calculation of what your closing costs may be, check out this estimate of Broward County closing costs on

Image:  Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

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