Broward County: The Foreclosure Fraud War Isn't Over, No Matter What Sweet Words Are Being Whispered In the News These Days

Wow, there's a lot of stuff in the news right now about the Florida economy, have you noticed?  There are all sorts of statistics being thrown out there and all sorts of talking head conversations about how housing may be -- or is, really and truly -- coming back.  Houses are being built again, houses are being sold again, Canadians are coming to Miami and buying lots of condos!

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This is all very nice.  Read these stories, though, and it's as if some magic wand has been waved over South Florida and everything suddenly changed. 

Wouldn't that be nice? 

However, the hard reality is that we are in a tough time and it's not going to go away as fast as anyone would like for it to do.  At least, that's the viewpoint of those practicing foreclosure defense law in Florida these days.

Will it get better? Eventually, sure.  

For anyone who is thinking about his or her pending foreclosure here in Florida - particularly in Broward County - things are pretty complicated right now. 

Same is true for those in Broward or the surrounding area that are underwater on their homes or condos, or that are trying to negotiate a short sale of their home.

It's the smart Florida home owner that investigates the situation and plans for the future as if they were strategizing on a battlefield... because, well, they are.  The Foreclosure Fraud War isn't over, folks.

For details, check out today's post over at AboutFloridaLaw, it's filled with links and law stuff.

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