Sharpie Party in South Florida: Vandalizing Foreclosure Homes in Broward County May Be Sweet Revenge But It's Also a Serious Crime

Photo by Amusafija May 2009
Seems that there is a movie which has risen to cult status among teens in the United States today - it's called Project X - and the crux of the movie is a party which gets very, very out of control.  Funny stuff happens.  Teen angst, teen love, teen drinking, you get the idea.

American Graffiti for the 21st Century, maybe.

Problem is that in parts of the country, these big parties, where thousands of guests appear after being invited on Twitter or Facebook, aren't just kids gone wild anymore.  Nope.

Now, it seems, Project X parties -- called Sharpie Parties because guests are greeted at the door with a highlighter -- are being used as a way to take revenge on banks who have foreclosed on homes.  That's right: vandalism as a message.

Except any Florida homeowner, no matter how understandable his rage and anger, is committing a crime by organizing a Sharpie Party at his foreclosure address.  And yes, this can include felony charges.

For details, please read all about these new Revenge Parties on Banks in our post on About Florida Law.

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